Spring 2021 Roundup

Spring is in the air and we have been keeping busy helping promote local businesses and attractions that are still able to welcome visitors – following the travel restrictions.

See a few things we have been working on recently:

Standing Desks

Standing desks are useful for people working from home and people who sit all day whether at home or in the office.

For purchasing or further information, people should contact info@eastern-info.co.uk or call 0131 653 5700.


safety screen
3d rendering of the standing desk with mac screen and keyboard
person at the standing desk looking at their laptop
3d rendering of the standing desk

Glenboig Life Centre

A beautiful display case & new wallpaper graphics were welcomed at the Glenboig Life Centre where you can start on a journey to explore the Seven Lochs industrial heritage.

For more information about them, please visit their website – https://www.sevenlochs.org/


display case
display case and wallpaper map graphic
wallpaper graphic of an industrial scene

Vehicle Livery

Take a white van & use it to promote your business!

plain white van
front of the van with graphic writing applied
bannockburn sign
side of a van with graphic and writing applied

Exterior Signage

The installers had a nice day out, hill climbing with 2 new signs we had produced for this site. We were lucky & chose the only dry day in the week!
The views were beautiful.

information sign outside in the woods
information sign and a member of staff outside in the woods