Wayfinding refers to information signs that will help people be guided through an area e.g., office without getting lost and helps with the understanding and experience when navigating through a building or an outdoor space.

This can be very important in Universities, Hospitals and for the Transport sector, where people may be arriving for the first time and need to know exactly where to go and we can help with the directional signage, maps, information boards, etc.

The correct use and implementation of wayfinding signage will contribute to a sense of well-being, safety, and security for the user.

Branklyn Garden

We recently refreshed the signage at Branklyn Garden, including some wayfinding. Branklyn Garden is a beautiful hillside garden just outside Perth, it is a must-see for plant lovers.



national trust for scotland parking sign
national trust for scotland welcome information sign
national trust for scotland garden map with pictures of people and flowers
national trust for scotland way out info sign