W.L Gore Interior Graphics

The extensive renovation and modernisation of Gore’s manufacturing facility, originally built in the 1980s, have transformed it into a state-of-the-art workplace. The refurbishment has resulted in a flexible, modern office space that not only enhances the daily experience of employees but also creates a vibrant and inviting atmosphere for visitors. This significant overhaul has successfully shifted the environment from the previously outdated and compartmentalised layout to a bright, dynamic setting that aligns with the company’s progressive and exciting brand image.

Client: W.L. Gore & Associates

Location: Kirkton Campus, Livingston

Website: https://www.gore.co.uk/

W.L Gore is a global firm whose products include resilient material Gore-tex, and which in Scotland has plants in Dundee and Livingston.


About W. L. Gore & Associates

W. L. Gore & Associates, commonly known as Gore, is a uniquely innovative and diverse multinational company renowned for its dedication to creating advanced technology solutions in various industries. Founded in 1958 by Wilbert L. (Bill) Gore and Genevieve (Vieve) Gore in Newark, Delaware, the company started in the basement of their home. From these humble beginnings, Gore has grown into a major corporation with a significant global presence.

The company’s breakthrough came with the discovery of a versatile polymer, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which Bill Gore expanded into a tape form known as expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). This material was the foundation for many of Gore’s groundbreaking products. Its most famous application is perhaps in the creation of GORE-TEX®, a waterproof, breathable fabric membrane that revolutionized the outdoor apparel industry.

Gore’s range of products extends far beyond outdoor clothing. The company has made significant contributions to the electronics, industrial, and medical fields as well. In the medical industry, for example, Gore’s products are used in a variety of implantable devices. In the electronics field, they produce high-performance cables and materials for a range of applications from space missions to smartphones. In the industrial sector, Gore’s products are utilized in filtration, sealants, and other applications demanding high-performance materials.

One of the hallmarks of Gore is its unique corporate culture, which emphasizes innovation, teamwork, and a flat organizational structure. The company refers to its employees as “Associates” and encourages a high degree of autonomy and direct communication. This unconventional management approach has been lauded for fostering creativity, job satisfaction, and a strong sense of ownership among its employees, and has led Gore to be repeatedly recognized as one of the best companies to work for.

Gore’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is also a significant aspect of its operations. The company focuses on reducing its environmental impact through various initiatives, including minimizing waste, reducing energy usage, and developing sustainable products.

W. L. Gore & Associates’ journey from a small start-up to a leading global company is a testament to the power of innovation, a strong corporate culture, and a relentless commitment to making a difference in the world through advanced materials science. Their continued success and growth speak to their ability to adapt, innovate, and lead in an ever-changing technological landscape.