Scottish National Gallery
outside the Scottish national gallery in Edinburgh, the pillars are all different colours

Art Galleries of Scotland

We had a great opportunity to help promote the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh on Princes Street, just down from the Royal Mile.

The building is an iconic feature of this great city and was designed by William Henry Playfair in the neoclassical style and opened to the public back in 1859.

We have been commissioned for many projects over years including the Rembrandt Exhibition, where we made beautiful new graphics to help promote the event, including covering the steps in a special foil suitable for use on stone.


outside the Scottish national gallery in Edinburgh
attaching flowers to the pillars at the scottish national gallery
flowers attached to the pillars of the scottish national gallery

Processions 2018

The National Galleries of Scotland joined the celebrations for Processions 2018 with the Royal Scottish Academy Building pillars wrapped in #suffragette colours of the mass participation artwork created in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London to celebrate 100 years of women voting!