CCL Exhibition Stand

CCL Logistics & Technology is a dynamic and innovative company specialising in supply chain management, logistics services, and technology solutions. They have been operating since 1999 and are dedicated to helping customers reduce costs and grow sustainably. Their unique combination of services and technology solutions is aimed at improving productivity, meeting order demand, surpassing customer expectations, and reducing environmental impact.

The company offers a comprehensive range of logistics services which include mail, packets, and parcels delivery, road freight, air freight, and sea freight solutions. Their services cater to a variety of needs, from part and full loads for delivery by various modes of transport to specialised services like same-day delivery, exhibitions, product recalls, and more. This flexibility ensures that they can handle different types of shipments to any destination in the UK, Europe, or worldwide.

CCL Logistics & Technology also provides advanced technology solutions to streamline the logistics process. Their myCCL platform is a transport management system that offers multi-carrier shipping, supply chain visibility, and integrates with existing business systems for seamless operations. This platform helps automate the warehouse process from goods inwards to dispatch, enhancing the efficiency of the supply chain.

The company also focuses on sustainability, offering Greener Routes, an initiative that aids businesses in starting their Net Zero strategy and simplifying the offsetting of transportation and logistics emissions footprints. This commitment to sustainability demonstrates their dedication to not just business growth but also to environmental responsibility.

CCL Logistics & Technology’s approach to supply chain management and logistics is centred around removing complexity without compromising quality. Their services are tailored to help businesses reduce costs and grow sustainably. They pride themselves on delivering, a philosophy that underscores their commitment to outstanding customer service.

Overall, CCL Logistics & Technology stands out for its comprehensive logistics services, innovative technology solutions, and a strong focus on sustainability and customer satisfaction. Their efforts to continuously improve and adapt to the changing needs of the market make them a reliable and forward-thinking partner in the logistics and supply chain management sector.