A Busy Start to the Year
January has come and gone so quickly and we thought you might like to know what we have been up to here at Eastern. It has been a busy month full of fun projects. HereĀ are a few of our favourites.
Red Red Rose Street

After a successful first year for the Red Red Rose Street festival in 2017, this year’s 3-day celebrations are back with a packed events calendar including theatre performances, ceilidhs, comedy shows, workshops and of course a few wee drams.
For us at Eastern, this meant producing outdoor and indoor graphics and a lot of roses!

Trip.com Office Interiors
We have been working on these modern office interiors for a travel company in Edinburgh. Some graphics and a bit of paint make a big difference in this otherwise plain space.
Corporate Event
We provided event dressing and lighting services for a corporate event including light-up cubes, indoor and outdoor lighting.
CreativeMornings Edinburgh 3rd Birthday Event
CreativeMornings Edinburgh celebrated their 3rd Birthday this January with a special evening event. Attendees were treated to talks on the topic of Anxiety, music, tasty bagels and cake, Pickering’s Gin G+Ts and beer from the Edinburgh Beer Factory. This monthly event brings together creative people from the area and offers a platform for them to connect and collaborate. We have been sponsoring CM Edinburgh for almost a year and we love being involved in the events. For this special one we made a “partners walk of fame”, a gallery of past speakers and various decorations.