Anamorphic Graphic

At Eastern we love being part of such a vibrant and creative industry, our continued support of the Scottish Creative Awards allows us to celebrate creativity. Working with creative agencies and individuals allows us to turn your ideas into reality. A recent project we undertook was to produce and install an Anamorphic graphic in one of our client’s offices.

The technique, known as, ‘Perspective Anamorphosis’, when an image appears distorted until the viewer stands from a single vantage point, thus allowing them to reconstitute the image, can be dated back to the fifteenth century, with examples of perspectival anamorphosis being present in some of the Frescos and Seccos painted during the Renaissance. ‘Leonardo’s Eye’ painted by Leonardo da Vinci c.1485 is the oldest example of perspective anamorphosis in modern times.

More recently Swiss artist Felice Varini, has been creating vast anamorphic installations, which cover entire villages and require the viewer to hike up mountains to appreciate the desired effect. His anamorphic paintings have impressed a generation of creatives, and continue to be emulated to this day, similar to the work we undertook for our client.

The Eastern Crew installed this anamorphic graphic using vinyl. To speak to us about how we can turn your ideas into reality, call 0131 653 5700 or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.